Radiocommunications and Multimedia

This track provides an integrated profile on Communications and Multimedia emphasizing most hot technological areas where our department is leading industrial transfer and basic research. Experienced lecturers, with long expertise in their corresponding topics, will first provide a solid background presenting modern insights on optimization, statistical signal processing, information theory and multimedia signal processing. Key aspects at technological level will then be addressed, as the design principles of communication systems and equipments, the very fruitful path from array processing to modern multiantenna systems and advanced topics on multimedia representation and coding and content distribution. Finally, several selected topics will describe different disciplines very active as secure communications, next-generation mobile communications, media production, and mixed reality and immersive environments.


Signal Processing
Applications and Practice
Optimization Fundamentals (3C)
Communications and Multimedia Optimization techniques (3C)
Statistical Signal Processing (3C)
Information Theory (3C)
Multimedia Representation and Coding (3C)
Design of Comm. Systems and equipment (6C)
Mixed Reality and Immersive Environments (3C)
Mobile Communications 4G and beyond (3C)
Multimedia Signal Processing (4.5C)
Multimedia Content Distribution (4.5C)
From Array processing to MIMO Comms (6C)
Media Asset Management and Production (3C)
Secure RF Communications (3C)
Masters' Thesis (12C)

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